How women can flourish at the workplace

Mothers make the best managers. They have already mastered the art of interacting with their bosses (at home: in-laws), team members (at home: children), clients (at home: relatives and friends) and shouldering work responsibilities (at home: household duties). They can superbly micromanage every activity, juggle between different roles and multitask, keep everyone in good humor and most importantly, ensure that every target is achieved in the best possible way. Yet, the percentage of women that climb to the top rungs at the workplace is woefully less. The main reason that can be attributed is the failure of organisations to understand a woman’s priorities. They don’t do enough to enable women to succeed. So, what can be the possible solutions?

Create Awareness — Women should be aware of their own rights, they should stand up and fight for themselves. They should be taught not to accept improper or unjust attitudes at the workplace. Organisations, on their part, should provide instruments, equipment and desired codes that aid women to open up and raise their voices.

Enforce a Zero-tolerance Policy — The workplace should be a zero-tolerance zone in matters related to indecent behavior or sexual harassment towards women. A powerful internal committee should immediately take up the case if any such behavior comes to notice and penalization should be heavy. A customised SOS button can be devised for women to raise the alarm when under threat. This is especially important in roles where women work in night-shifts to give them a sense of heightened security

Promote a Spirit of Openness among Women — Women should feel encouraged to speak out openly about their problems; discuss it with alacrity among co-workers and seniors. Organizations must promote this openness so that women don’t feel inclined to accept any kind of unjustified behavior or decision, just because they are women and are expected to bear everything quietly.

Women for Women — No one can understand a woman’s woes better than another woman. Women should rally around each other, stand up and address each other’s concerns as that can make it extremely daunting for others to do any kind of injustice. Every organization should emphasise on this kind of women-for-women association.

Incorporate Educational Programs for Male Employees — Educating male employees to respect and have empathy for women colleagues is as important as encouraging women to stand up for themselves. Appreciating a woman for all the different roles she must play and still emerge on top can work wonders to boost her self-confidence.

Meanwhile, women must learn to alter their mindsets to aspire for the best; to meet all challenges and to rise from their daunting circumstances and achieve what is rightfully theirs. They must be ready to seize the crown.



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Sonal Panchal Shah

Sonal Panchal Shah


An adventurous professional, an imperfectly perfect mom or a WooMAN with special interests! I live life at the mercy of words-it pays my bills after all:)